The day I nearly got political

On Wednesday I was out and about when I spotted a distant turkey in a cage. This struck me as symbolic. An American icon and a cage, I thought. Then I thought: It’s a good thing I’m not political or I might ruffle a few feathers with some comments on symbols and cages.

Well, to be honest I only just thought the feathers thing but it makes me look more witty if I pretend I thought of it at the time.

Of course, now that the children have been released from their cages, it’s no longer symbolic.

I’m hoping that their release from cages will be easier than the experience of Ezra Pound after he was kept in a cage for six weeks.

I cannot, however, help wondering about an alternative history where the Native Americans didn’t share their food with the undocumented aliens also known as Pilgrims.


We will never know.

21 thoughts on “The day I nearly got political

  1. tootlepedal

    It seems that might be quite a bit of difficulty trying to find out which of the children belong where. It sits well with our Home Office arbitrarily chucking people out of the country because they are look foreign. There is a lot to be ashamed about these days.

  2. Helen

    If the Pilgrims had never left England, Trump might have been here more often…. who knows – we might comment with some level of mirth but those poor families 😕

  3. Laurie Graves

    The Native Americans were doomed find the first, no matter what they did. After all the horrors of this administration, I pretty much feel all we Americans are turkeys in cages.

  4. Donnalee

    I think there are maybe 6 1/2 people in the US who agree with trump about almost anything, and he either pays them or they are impaired, poor things. Most of us think it’ll be great when we get a president again, and we either ignore it all or do political things or whatever our coping mechanism is, in the meantime.

      1. Donnalee

        he would be more likeable, and no one would believe he would do these things, because someone so obviously incompetent and random would be thrown out of office and a grownup put in. I have read that a number of the political shows have run out of material that would be outrageous enough to be interesting since this person and his bunch of crooks are doing it all already.

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