More Guest Photos

Suddenly realised, at 11.54, that I needed to post before midnight. What should I post? Well, here are some photos from Julia’s trip to Malta. Featured image shows her with offspring, in case you are wondering who the two strange men are. I particularly like the one of the cactus, though the one of Julia isn’t too bad. The Seawater Distillery building is quite interesting too.








16 thoughts on “More Guest Photos

      1. Helen

        No obligation to travel just because you have a passport. In the ten years of my current passport (I got an extension because I renewed long before the expiration date of the last one), I’ve only used it four times to get into other countries. Travel abroad is expensive.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, that’s my contribution to the gene pool. I hope posterity is grateful. As for history, Julia said she’s never seen so many religious buildings in one place.


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