A Restful Sunday

I’m struggling to find anything to talk about.

I could talk about my new resolution to alter my entire life after watching Ninja Warriors. However, I would be wasting your time, as I think we all know by now that my resolutions rarely survive the week. Often they don’t actually survive a good night’s sleep.

This week I’ve developed a new way of amusing myself. As I’ve addressed envelopes to send off eBay parcels I’ve been looking the addresses up on Google. It’s very interesting seeing where people live, though I’ve only actually done it twice as it isn’t what I’m paid for, and it’s also a bit creepy.

However, it will probably form another part of the projected novel about the antique dealer and the mummy in the basement. I looked up references to mummies for sale last week – I didn’t find any but I did find an article about artifact smuggling.

There was a mummified head for sale on one site (5,000 Euros if you are interested) and a hand, complete with red nails, on another. I suppose you could build your own from bits if you had the time. I can’t find the links I need for the body parts but here is a link to an interesting auction.

I’m not quite sure where the novel is going, probably nowhere, but if it has antiques and mummies in it then it is off too a good start. I’m going to site the antique shop next to a cake shop and give them a customer who works in a quarry and has access to explosives. That, I think, covers the basics.

Having just eaten a slice of insipid cheesecake I may make the neighbour a cheesecake shop and indulge in some hard-hitting satire on flavourless food.

Anyway, that’s about all for now. Nothing much happened but Julia took the day off after her recent Mediterranean exertions (she describes Malta as being “all uphill”) so we didn’t have to get up at 5 am. It can’t be a bad day when that happens.

The daisy was one I took last week, but there are a lot about in the grass verges at the moment so I thought I’d use it again.


17 thoughts on “A Restful Sunday

  1. tootlepedal

    Getting a knew nee pales in comparison with thoughts of a novel with a hard hitting critique of tasteless food. Could you work in a chapter on the horrors of anchovies?

  2. Laurie Graves

    Love daisies. So jaunty and cheerful. The basics of your book sound cracking. Now for the plot and some characters?

    1. quercuscommunity

      Obviously one character will be an extremely handsome and intelligent man with a hatred of modern life and a wife who is far too good for him – well they do say to write what you know about. 🙂


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