Clumber Park

We had 13 packages to send off this morning, including two very expensive bank notes and two very cheap football cards (my labours of last week bearing fruit!).

Then I took Julia to lunch and decided to get some use out of our National Trust membership. Last year, we didn’t get a lot of use out of them. We went to Clumber Park, which isn’t far from the spot where I took the bluebell pictures yesterday.

It’s home to a number of things including a lake, which I photographed a few times last year, and a chapel which featured in a few photos.

This time we decided to visit the kitchen garden. It’s an excellent place, and very well designed. There’s a massive lean-to greenhouse up against a south-facing wall and a gentle slope to let the cold air flow away downhill. I didn’t walk all the way down, but I’m pretty sure there will be holes in the wall to let the cold air flow away. They designed things better in those days.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Hopefully they won’t say something bad.


And finally.


Cream Tea at Clumber Park

It’s a hard life, but I’m coping…

26 thoughts on “Clumber Park

  1. beatingthebounds

    There’s something very satisfying about a well designed glass house, and a well-tended kitchen garden come to that.

  2. Donnalee

    That IS an enormous greenhouse, and it does look well-done and lovely–nice flowering plants too. It’s funny that the photos speak for themselves by saying OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, except for the last, where it lets the food speak for itself. Good for you both for having a nice day out.


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