Has anyone changed either the title or the page of their blog?

Things have obviously changed since I started blogging (has it really been three and a half years?), though, as at least one person pointed out in the beginning, I was a bit erratic at the best of times.

We are no longer running a Care Farm, I’m not cooking, we don’t get out as much…

You name it and it’s all changing.

It makes sense to change the blog to reflect these changes.

I’m thinking of changing the name of this one to reflect the fact it’s about the thoughts of a grumpy old man who spends his time sorting piles of junk.

With Julia I will then start a new blog based on her gardening.

Does anyone have any comments, or any experience of changing blog names or addresses?

All views and advice will be welcome.

26 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. BossMama

    I have a horrible habit of entirely rearranging my blogsite whenever I see a style I like better….so if you see chaos know its just temporary. I do assume the same from everyone else lol

  2. Laurie Graves

    Several years ago, I changed my blog’s name and direction, just as you are thinking of doing. Liz has given you good practical advice. Just be sure to provide a link in one or more outgoing posts so that we can sign up for your new blogs. Looking forward to both of them.

  3. ChasingSernity

    I changed the name of my blog a couple of years ago. The blog started out life as Latitude for Living – kind of a life over fifty sort of thing, didn’t feel right – then I finally hit on the right path- a photography blog. I had to come up with a new name, registered a new domain under it – then mapped my old blog to it. I also changed the theme, one more suitable for a photo blog. Yes, it cost a bit but not much, and yes I actually had 2 registered domains for a while – I wanted to let old followers transition over before I let the latitude one go, which I did in February. Now this may all sound daunting but they walk you through everything. If someone who has been dubbed a techno peasant – something akin to a Luddite I believe- can do this – I feel sure you can tackle this as well! Good luck. As they say, a change is as good as a rest.

      1. quercuscommunity

        Luddism started just a couple of miles from here in 1811. In fact when you see my duck pond photos, that’s Arnold, the town where it started. 🙂

  4. derrickjknight

    I haven’t changed the title, but, as you know, I do now change the header pictures. To do that I look at the Preview. Customise appears at bottom right. Click on that then choose the Header Picture option, select a new one, choose and crop, and hit Publish at the top of the page. There may be a much simpler way of doing it. May I still call you Quercus, Quercus?

  5. koolaidmoms

    I think if you want to keep the same address and start announcing coming changes to your blog including a new name and or look you may retain more of your following rather than starting all over. Just a thought.

  6. Liz Flynn

    I changed mine within a few weeks on here for a legal reason. You just get in touch with the WordPress team and they will do it for you. It takes only minutes. You might have to buy a new domain name. Mine cost £16 but they vary in price. You are still listed for all your followers in the reader section etc. If you want to add a new blog for Julia, you can do it on the same account if you want. I think you click ‘My Sites’ and there is an option for ‘add new’. I did a tractor pulling site for my ex and that is still on here. I also have a client I write for and he added me on to his account so his site shows up on my list of sites. Mainly I just write on ‘The Fruity Tart’ on here at the moment and do my other work elsewhere. The other sites on here are still active though. Hope this helps x


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