A Day Off, and a Fish Pie.

We had a telephone call from a this morning. It wasn’t the normal one asking if we’d pass control of our computer over to a complete stranger who claimed to be from Microsoft. It wasn’t even asking if we’d ever had PPI. It was from Severn Trent Water telling us that we could expect lower than normal water pressure as the freezing weather had caused a number of bursts, and repairs would take a few days.

The roads are breaking up in places too, after just a few days of ice and snow last week. I assume that they build their roads better in places where they have snow, because at his rate we’d have no roads at all if we had a full winter of bad weather.

However, we still managed to fit in a Full English and a visit to a jeweller. It was quite a good morning.

The afternoon involved housework and wasn’t quite so good. Due to a cock up on the catering front, as Geoffrey Palmer used to say in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, we now have enough fish pie to last us two meals. This always happens when Julia decides to “help” by shopping on the way home from work. We already had plenty of ingredients, and we had fish pie on Saturday. Julia cooked it and I assumed she’d used all the stuff she’d brought.

She hadn’t, but I didn’t know how much extra she had left over until I opened the fridge tonight. We’re having fish pie tonight. And tomorrow.


Fish Pie


Fortunately we like fish pie.

37 thoughts on “A Day Off, and a Fish Pie.

  1. Laurie Graves

    Yes, good thing you like fish pie. (Looks delicious!) As for Maine roads in the spring… sometimes the potholes are so bad they can throw off the alignment, destroy tires, and dent rims. Let’s just say that when the ground thaws, we have a wicked good time.

  2. Donnalee

    Oh well. We still have no water since thursday, but there was a brief surge so we could flush the loo. This has been a cranky week or two on earth–glad you ahve some food. We do as well. The electric came back on, so that helps with a lot.

      1. Donnalee

        That’d be great. I am fine really, but could use a nice hot bath and heating, since our heat is mostly hot water. There is a plug-in radiator for the bedroom where the cats stay, and a pellet stove on the ground floor, but heating is feeling alittle necessary, since it’s due to snow within a day or few–

      1. Donnalee

        WE got back electric, but water has been off, then on for ten minutes here and there. Still not trustworthy to drink or for me to turn the furnace back on for hot-water-baseboard heat. Did get to flush the toilets a couple of times though. Got a few iunches of snow overnight but not bad at all–roads stayed black but not ice, white snow on the rest of the ground and trees. Oh well. It’s not bad. Our pellet stove gave out though, so that’s a drag.

      2. Donnalee

        It would be great if they did act right. We have more snow now, and no water or heat, and so it’s been like camping indoors–not crisis-cold, and electricity is great, but the rest of it is eh so far.

      3. Donnalee

        Gorgeous heavy snow on the ground, roads plowed, and no water or heat, but otherwise nice enough. Still coffee, still food, so I’m fine.

      4. Laurie Graves

        Oh, my gosh! You were hit hard. Hope everything is back to normal soon!!!!

      5. Donnalee

        Thanks. I’m a little chilly here but the guys next door are great, and it seems to have stopped snowing. There looks like a foot on the ground, but the roads have been cleared. They actually declared a travel ban in Dutchess County across the river, all yesterday and last night. Poor everyone. At least I have electricity and internet still, and it’s daylight. That’s good!

      6. Laurie Graves

        Yes! What a month. Always bad, this year worse for folks in your neck of the woods.

      7. Donnalee

        We only moved here last summer, and I have to say that I love it. I lived in Vermont for decades and it reminds me of that, as opposed to the sad wasteland of NJ where we took care of someone’s condo the last 4-5 years.

      8. Laurie Graves

        You live in such a wonderful area. As I’ve mentioned before, our daughter went to Bard College, and we just fell in love with Rhinebeck and the surrounds. Even after she graduated, we would visit for mini-vacations. Haven’t been there in years, but we hope to return sometime.

      9. Donnalee

        They had a hard time this past week or so, to the point that the county head–commissionewr or whoever–made a travel ban the other day and night so the workers could do what they needed to do safetywise. without anyone driving except for emergencies I haven’t heard of that much.

        Maybe get to the nice sheep and wool fair in the fall–

      10. Laurie Graves

        Unfortunately, our senior dog keeps us close to home. But he is our buddy, and we don’t mind staying home with him.

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