Modern Life and Poor TV

Over the years the British TV industry has made a lot of great TV. So has the American TV industry. Sadly, the people who plan what programmes to play have decided not to use any of that output tonight. Julia has gone to bed, as we are up at 5.00 tomorrow morning, and after washing up, making her sandwiches and having a snack, I’m at a loose end.

I could go to bed, but if I spend too much time there my back begins to play up, so I’m resisting the idea for a few more hours. This is probably a sign that we need a new mattress. It’s also a sign that I could spend a little money and make my life more comfortable. That’s not something I’ve thought of before. It’s probably a sign of the wisdom that supposedly comes with age, but it’s been a long time coming.

I could also do some work, as I have a number of things tasks piling up, but you know how it is.Β  Sloth and procrastination, even in the company of poor TV, are preferable to work, even if that work is only googling stuff and making lists. It’s like sugar and fat – you know lentils and carrots are better for you, put you still reach for a biscuit in preference to salad. Or is that just me?

Inanimate objects, meanwhile, continue to make my life complicated.

My shoes have decided to express solidarity with my trousers and make my life a misery. The right shoe has started leaking. I’m hopeful that if the snow goes soon I may get another nine months out of them.

The problem with shoes is that my left foot is nearly a size larger than the other. In order to achieve a decent fit I have to stretch the left shoe a little, then wear it in. Sometimes this takes several months, and can be quite uncomfortable on account of the bunion that is starting to develop. By the time I have everything as I like it the shoes start to wear out.

I’ve tried getting round it by buying bigger shoes, but it’s hard to find size 13 in the shops, and it can be difficult walking when your right foot is rattling about in a massive shoe.

As if this isn’t enough, the car warning lights have started winking at me again. The left sidelight is devoting itself to inducing an intermittent fault. I’m not even sure why I need a sidelight with all the others, but it seems important enough to warrant a warning light of its own.

This is one of the complexities of modern life. In the old days bulbs just used to blow and you replaced them at MOT time or when a policeman pulled you over.

24 thoughts on “Modern Life and Poor TV

  1. Cherryl

    You put a whole new light on shoe shopping – sounds like a good excuse to move to somewhere hot and sunny where all you need is flip flops lol πŸ˜ŠπŸ”†πŸΉ

  2. higgledypiggledymom

    Oh dear! For Lent (I do it for discipline-thank heavens only once a year, I am usually very undisciplined) I gave up procrastination. It mostly works. Laughing ’cause I’m probably procrastinating doing something I should be doing besides catching up on blog posts. =)

    1. quercuscommunity

      Not sure we can record with this system, I’ll have to look into it. Will also look into High and Mighty, I used to shop there at one time but went over to Cotton Traders and Jacamo. My sartorial standards are not high. πŸ™‚

      1. derrickjknight

        Not come across them. Maybe I will, but Lidl have provided a vast stock of work trousers which are dead cheap and fit superbly. They only come in periodically

      2. quercuscommunity

        That’s the problem with Lidl, but they have good stuff when it’s there. Jacamo are online so they are very easy. To be honest I haven’t bought clothes for years – Julia tends to buy them for me when I start looking like a tramp.

  3. Helen

    Wow, you have a warning light for side lights! I just find out I need to change them because someone points out they’re not working.

  4. Laurie Graves

    Biscuits are always preferable to lentils. Just one of those things that gall those of us who are a little plumper than we would like to be.

  5. Donnalee

    I say a cheese savoury would fix everything, from shoe size to poor tv. Then again, we have been starving here with no electricity for a day and a half, although it’s back now, and no water since Thursday.

      1. Donnalee

        Thanks. At least it isn’t dangerously freezing now, and we have a pellet stove in this room and a radiator upstairs, so that is okay. No water still, but then again they said something like 110,000 people were without power this weekend, and they got maybe 2/3 of it fixed. It’s hard on others. I have it made, indoors and with leftover food and a bunch of bottles of fizzy water–

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