A Quick Update

Though some parts of the country have been hammered, including neighbouring Lincolnshire, which has had several car accidents, including a triple fatality. Nottingham has so far escaped.

After an early blood test, I noted that the sky was divided into two parts. One section was bright blue with fluffy white clouds. The other was grey and threatening, with more than a hint of roiling and portent.

Eventually the latter won through, the world turned grey and large fluffy flakes of snow came falling. Once it had laid a half inch of snow it slackened off, the sun came out and the thaw commenced. Yes, it was that quick. Ten minutes falling, ten minutes melting.Ā  We had a few flurries later, and even a few soft ice pellets, but little stuck.


Moon over Sherwood

On the way home I bought a few supplies (sausages and bread) to see us through any further snow, and took pictures of sunsets. There is still some snow on the shady side of the streets here, but that’s it so far.

The temperature is low, but no lower than normal winter temperature.

All in all, I’m happy with the lack of snow and keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue. I’m also happy with the sunsets – most of which were taken in the supermarket car park after buying the aforementioned supplies.


Sunset in Sherwood



And again…

23 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Laurie Graves

    Fabulous sunsets. So sorry to hear about the fatalities, but I was very glad to read that Nottingham was spared. Let’s hope that is that with the snowy weather.

      1. Laurie Graves

        Oh, sure! As Mainers, we take snowstorms in stride, but we also take them seriously. We know how treacherous the roads can be during bad weather, and most people don’t drive during a big storm. Again, hope the weather is too bad in Nottingham.

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