A Day of Dullness

My cold has nearly gone.

As if to compensate, I have a bad finger again. It crept up on me during the night and when I woke at 5.30 this morning it was throbbing away.

It’s annoying, as it gets in the way when doing things like counting coins or writing, and can be surprisingly painful. It was bad over Christmas, as you may have read, but at least I knew what caused it then.

If it’s going to come back every six weeks I may have to go back to the doctor for an injection in the joint. I’m shuddering mentally at the thought. It worked well last time I had one, but it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

Looking on the bright side, the weather should be warming up soon and warmer weather is always better for aches and pains.

I’ve now run out of things to say.

Hopefully the week will become more interesting tomorrow…

20 thoughts on “A Day of Dullness

  1. beatingthebounds

    The conjunction of ‘needle’ and ‘armful’ instantly made me think of Tony Hancock and smirk, perhaps inappropriately, or did you have ‘The Blood Donor’ in mind too?


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