Another New Week

Well, it’s another new week and it’s a blank canvas full of possibilities and the potential for cliches.

I rose early, did a word puzzle and then sat and decided what to do. I decided to do more sitting, and did another word puzzle. These aren’t intellectual exercises by any means but at 6.30 my brain isn’t necessarily prepared for heavy lifting.

Breakfast consisted of a pear, a small citrus fruit (I lose track of all the names they use these days) and two turmeric capsules. As a dietary regime it could probably do with some fine-tuning.

My first TV selection was what I refer to as “classic comedy”. That could equally be “very old repeat” as it was a 1982 episode of Minder – the Birdman of Wormwood Scrubs. That’s the episode where they refer to a male Bullfinch, but show a female Chaffinch. After that I lost interest in the assorted rubbish on offer and concentrated on the computer.

Looking through the Q&A section of ebay to increase my knowledge of the system I was struck by the fact that though many of the world’s resources are decreasing the supply of idiots shows little sign of slacking off.  If we could harness stupidity and get it into a fuel tank we wouldn’t need electric cars. I won’t dwell on the subject, as we don’t have the technology for this, and the waste upsets me.

Now, as the clock creeps round to mid-day I realise that a touch of TV, two word puzzles, some light blogging, a quick breakfast, and a bit of ebay, has absorbed five hours of my life.

No wonder I don’t get the washing up done.


18 thoughts on “Another New Week

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    1. quercuscommunity

      I squandered the afternoon having lunch with Julia and Number Two son before having a trip to Sheffield and returning home to blog, drink green tea and watch Murder She Wrote.


    You have an extra w, on we don’t have the technology. I guess like me errors typos come from your head being ahead of typing. ☺easily done as I’ve done it myself or missed a letter of altogether.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Just before reading your comment I’d checked back on the post and noticed the extra “w” and thought “I’ll leave that, nobody will notice.”

      Seems I was wrong! 🙂


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