Stuff and Nonsense

It appears that the repeat blood test was because the previous one had been “unacceptable”. They usually use the word to describe a tube that wasn’t properly filled. I promise you that from where I was sitting there seemed to be plenty of blood in it.

That’s a coincidence, as the word “unacceptable” also figures in my view of events.

They managed to get a sample in only two attempts today, one attempt less than yesterday. As a result my cubital fossa is rather sore. That happens when the tests are close together.

Looking on the bright side, I’m not ill, the test is now done and I have learned a new word.

My next post will be more cheerful.


22 thoughts on “Stuff and Nonsense

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  2. Clare Pooley

    That’s a new word for me too. I have been having regular blood tests for 33 years and I’ve never heard it before. Glad it’s all over for the time being.

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