Can Spring be Far Away?

Today I fine-tuned my packaging techniques and learned the mysteries of the scanner. I haven’t scanned anything for over ten years so it was an interesting half hour, not least because I couldn’t find where the computer was storing everything. As a result I spent a lot of time going through files looking for images.

It seems that if you leave the scanner number as the name of the file it is stored in a different place to the ones you rename. I stopped renaming them when it was suggested it would make things quicker. What slowed it down again was trying to reunite them, and trying to identify the non-renamed ones from a meaningless string of numbers.

After finding them I then spent a lot of time trying to load them.

If you’ve never tried it, let’s just say that it makes WordPress seem so simple…

At the moment, although it’s wet, and intermittently gusty, it’s quite warm, which is very pleasant after the recent cold weather. There was a news item tonight which showed Nottingham Prison as it was last week. The skies were grey and there was slush by the side of the roads. It wasn’t just a different time, it looked like a different lifetime. That’s how quickly we forget.

Add a steadily lengthening day (the days in Nottingham are lengthening by just over three minutes a day at the moment) and things are really quite cheery.

Also on the news tonight, the company that refurbishes old British telephone boxes – yours for only £2,750 if you are looking for an impractical greenhouse, or somewhere to install a landline at the bottom of the garden.


Phone box with defibrillator – Heckington


23 thoughts on “Can Spring be Far Away?

  1. beatingthebounds

    Oh, I hope not! Just so I can make an informed decision – what would £2750 fetch me in the coin world?

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m going to have to think about that one, but for just a little over budget you could have a Charles I gold Unite – a rare and historical coin.
      Alternatively you could go for a silver penny of King Offa (of dyke fame).

      1. beatingthebounds

        Oh, wow. They both knock the telephone box into a cocked hat. I’ll put them on my Christmas list. I think if I ever was going to get seriously into collecting (apart from hill-tops, tributaries of the Lune, tarns, birds, butterflies etc etc which is really just a form of collecting), but, if I was ever going to get truly hooked on physical things rather than tick-lists it would be either playing cards or maps. A great starting point therefore would be the ancient set of cards which each featured a County Map.

      2. beatingthebounds

        Yes, it’s fascinating to compare the changes, both to the places themselves and to the techniques of mapping.

  2. tootlepedal

    Jan 20th is the crucial date on the road to the brighter life. I am sorry about your scanning problems. This is just the sort of thing which amuses tech people. They need something to keep them happy when they spend their lives looking at 0s and 1s.

  3. jfwknifton

    Lots and lots of birdsong in our Sherwood garden. Research recently revealed that birds which have been fed over the winter are beginning to breed earlier, but I do think January is pushing it for Blue Tits and Blackbirds!

  4. Clare Pooley

    The scanning process seems particularly difficult! I’m glad all I had to do today was try to get myself, my mother and trolley safely across the carpark and endeavour to keep my mother’s hat on her head at the same time! 😀

  5. Laurie Graves

    The days are getting longer in Maine, too. Love those red telephone boxes. A little pricey to put in the garden, but fun

      1. arlingwoman

        Well, I assume most of the public isn’t trained to use one either, and stopping to read the instructions wouldn’t be all that helpful.

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