Wet, Work and William and Mary

The slightly melting look of the header picture comes from the filtering effect of rain on the windscreeen. Yes, it was that sort of day again.

I wanted a couple of shots because a post always seems better with pictures but, in the absence of anything inspiring, it didn’t seem worth getting out of the car and getting wet.


Embankment, River Trent at Wilford


Trent Embankment, Wilford, Notts

After dropping Julia off at work it was just ten minutes around the ring road and I was at work – 50 minutes early. Nothing like ingratiating yourself with the boss.

Unfortunately he wasn’t there, so it didn’t quite work out.

When we eventually got going I refilled the albums of modern coins (I’m still getting used to the idea that decimal British coins are collected) and then sorted a box of halfpennies ranging from William and Mary to Victoria. There was only one William and Mary in the box, with the majority being George III, and many of them were heavily worn, but at they have seen some history.

We did a few other things, but those were the highlights.

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  2. Laurie Graves

    Sounds like a very pleasant way to spend a rainy afternoon, plus you are getting paid for it. As you mentioned in your comment, what’s not to like? But goodness, how green everything is! Our landscape is white, white, white.


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