Some Pictures of Slaidburn

There were plenty of sheep about, as you would guess, plus a nice car park with toilets (because it’s a great centre for walkers. There was also a large gathering of Starlings and crows – mainly Jackdaws and a Blue Tit flitting about.


It’s a lovely village in the right weather, though I’d hate to live here on a miserable grey day. I often think about that when thinking of my family working on farms round here, with rain and woollen clothing. They must have hated Autumn and Winter.

The pub in the pictures is the Hark to Bounty. In the late 19th century it was run by William Stead – blacksmith and innkeeper. He was there in 1871, married to my great-grandmother’s aunt, and died in 1893, leaving £808, which was good money in those days. In 1871 my grandmother was working for them, having come from Leyburn, about50 miles away. That’s presumably how she met my great-grandfather.





15 thoughts on “Some Pictures of Slaidburn

  1. Clare Pooley

    I meant to add that I read a book a few years ago by Amanda Vickery called ‘The Gentleman’s Daughter’. The author used letters and diaries written by a few ladies living in the Clitheroe/ Slaidburn area in the 18th century. Absolutely fascinating.

  2. Laurie Graves

    If I ever come to visit, I will stay at the Inn. Wearing wool in wet weather must not have been to comfortable.


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