Another Day Away

We stayed in Skipton last night and spent the day doing some Family History photography.  The day was bright in patches, but by the middle of the afternoon, when we were at Clitheroe Castle, it was rather dark.

The trees in the main photo were an early find, while the sun was managing to break through.

The others are slightly less than sharp, but seemed too good not to use. Julia spotted the squirrel going through the bins as we left the castle.

There will be more on this trip later, but first I want to stick my feet up and have a cup of tea.

14 thoughts on “Another Day Away

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  2. Lavinia Ross

    I love those squirrels, although we don’t see many here. I think we have too many natural predators about, even though our neighbors have a huge walnut tree, and we have a hazelnut grove. I like the old song Burl Ives covered on his “Capt. Burl Ives’ Ark” album called “The Squirrel (Angus McFergus MacTavish Dundee )”. It is on YouTube.

  3. Clare Pooley

    Those squirrels! We were nearly tripped up by one in Norwich as we walked by the river. It raced past us with a dead mouse in its mouth and shinned up a tree.
    I love the shot of the trees on the horizon!


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