We had some snow today. That’s English snow – measured by the flake rather than the inch. After two attempts we have a very sparse scattering, which will no doubt freeze overnight and, as our street gets no sun in winter, stick about for a week or so causing problems.

That’s how we deal with snow in England, acting surprised, being under-prepared and letting a few flakes close down the entire country. No doubt we will have train delays and car accidents tomorrow. I can’t help thinking that other places do it better. It’s unlikely, for instance, that Canadians or Scandinavians would even recognise this sprinkling as snow.

Fortunately the urban population of the UK is plentifully provided with Chelsea Tractors.

I will keep my opinion of such things to myself. It’s not that I’m short of opinions, but Julia has given me a list of jobs to do ready for her Open Day tomorrow.

23 thoughts on “Snow

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    “Dusting” is what it can be called here in Wisconsin. Sometimes I call it volcanic ash. You’re not alone…I believe Washington DC “freaks out” and abandons cars and closes up inside until the big bad flakes go away.

  2. Laurie Graves

    Winter is coming! In Maine, as I’m sure you know, we get lots and lots of snow, sometimes well over a foot in one storm. But we are always prepared because after all, it’s winter in Maine. Farther south, they handle snow the way you do. Three inches throws them in a tizzy, which gives us Mainers the giggles.;)

  3. arlingwoman

    Chelsea tractor!!! what a hoot. I wish we could think of something to call them here (other than SUVs and gas hogs). It is true that most people who drive them can’t, really, but what they really can’t do is park. I’m still chuckling over the name.


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