Eleven Photos and the Benefits of Blogging


Teasels in flower

The main picture shows some teasel in flower. They have gone over a bit but you can still see some of the bluish flowers. I thought I’d include the picture after showing the mature ones earlier on this week.


The fungus is growing out of one of the raised beds in the Mencap garden and the mooring ring is from the quay at Burleigh pottery in Stoke.Β  I spotted the blue butterfly on a visit to Men in Sheds in the summer and the bear was in a field near Scarborough advertising a music event. The dragonfly was pictured on our trip to Rutland Water, but I don’t seem to have identified it on the photo and can’t find the reference. I think it’s a Common Darter if IΒ  remember correctly – I only see common things.


The bird with the bandit mask is another Nuthatch and the Swan was cruising down the river at the back of the National Arboretum last year. The mouse is from a harvest loaf we cooked on the farm and the remaining two photos are also from the farm – a Mint Moth (there were dozens about in the herb garden) and a poppy with chamomile.

They all bring back memories, and without blogging I wouldn’t have restarted with the photography – another thing I like about blogging!

17 thoughts on “Eleven Photos and the Benefits of Blogging

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  3. Laurie Graves

    Where to start with the delights of this post? The blue butterfly? The teasel? That adorable bread mouse? So glad the images are preserved via your blog and that you could share them again. It reinforces my notion that everyday life is worth noticing.

  4. The Belmont Rooster

    AWESOME POST and FANTASTIC photos. Photography and blogging seem to go hand in hand for sure. I didn’t take many photos when I wasn’t blogging, which was a tragedy. Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚


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