Reflections on Spilt Drawing Pins

I found a drawing pin yesterday, which was a bit of a surprise as I didn’t know I’d lost one.

They say that an elephant’s foot is so sensitive it can tread on a stick without breaking it. This may not be true – I’ve never checked it out in person. However, it may well be true, and it makes a good opening.

Just like an elephant, and despite my age and size, I can still detect a drawing pin underfoot if I tread on it with the front end of my foot in normal walking, and I can normally stop myself putting my full weight on it. After a major spillage of pins last week I had a couple of near misses and went round the floor with a magnet to clear the area.

Well, to be accurate, I thought I’d cleared the area.

The situation when planting your heel on a drawing pin is slightly different to the front of foot scenario.

By the time you realise there’s a pin under your heel you’ve already put your weight on it.

Fortunately Number One Son was on hand to lever it out for me. I’d have been able to get it out without help, but it would probably have hurt more.

The moral of this?

Buy the biggest magnet you can afford.

14 thoughts on “Reflections on Spilt Drawing Pins

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      When I did something similar with pyracantha it came through the sole of my shoe and was a much more painful exper]ence, though easier to pull out. Moral of that was to wear heavyweight footwear when cutting pyracantha.

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