First World Problems

The were piles of leaves in the sheltered streets of The Meadows this morning, but apart from that there was not much seen of the 100 mph death storm promised by the tabloids.

“How and when deadly Ophelia will affect your area today” is how the Daily Mirror puts it in the website headline, though it tones this down to “blustery” in its forecast for the Midlands.

It has been bad for some people, with three deaths in Ireland already, and high winds in Scotland, though I can’t help wondering what a resident of the Caribbean would make of our “problems”. It’s difficult to know, because there seem to be no recent reports on the situation. Newspapers can only give so much space to disasters and the Caribbean is so last week. After all, they have a blustery day in the Midlands to report.

I think the termΒ “First World Problems” sums up the situation.



21 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. Helen

    There was a bit of noise the other night from the wind but chez moi I’d hardly say I felt threatened! So true what you say about the media’s hysteria.

  2. tootlepedal

    I was just wondering myself how the US and Caribbean victims of floods and gales were getting on as we got a light skiff from Ophelia as she passed us by last night.

  3. quercuscommunity

    Good to hear. Nice to know you escaped for once. Number Two son, at Sheffield Hallam, spent part of his night standing outside his residential block after someone set the Fire Alarm off at 2.45 am. He said it was quite breezy.


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