A Thing of Beauty

No, it’s not another picture of Julia, though if she’s reading this I would like to point out that the title would fit.

This is an item I saw in a collectors’ shop in Nottingham last week. It’s the badge of an ex-Lady Mayoress of Nottingham from 1951-2. The workmanship, including the enamelling, is top quality, and it really is a thing of beauty. It is also a piece of Nottingham history.

Ruth Wigman, the recipient, would probably to be the wife of Alderman George H. Wigman who was Lord Mayor at that time. I’ve tried various searches but the internet seems to be empty of information on the Wigmans. I had hoped that Wigman Road might be something to do with them, but it just seems to complicate the search.

It is made from 9 carat gold and manufactured by Vaughtons of Birmingham. It appears that it was assembled after the engraving was done, as one of the fixings has obscured part of the inscription.

One of the more notable Vaughton family members was Oliver Howard Vaughton. He played football for England and Aston Villa, won the All England Skating Championship, cycled, swam, played county cricket for Warwickshire and was a County hockey player. He’s a bit more famous than the Wigmans, though, to be fair, neither of them scored five goals in an international football match or won the FA Cup.

27 thoughts on “A Thing of Beauty

  1. Ben wigman

    I’m a descendant of George and still live in Nottingham I have brothers and sisters and yes he’s my great grandfather. Dad to Glynn Wigman and grandfather to my dad John yes we’re still definitely about!

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        It’s good that these things are preserved in families – it’s sad when people come to sell us stuff and often don’t know who the people are or how they are related.

  2. jfwknifton

    It’s sad how men like Oliver Vaughton are forgotten nowadays. England could do with somebody like him now. Today we’re lucky if a footballer can even count up to five.

  3. Clare Pooley

    I hope you do find out more about the Wigmans. It is always rather sad to find such personal things as medals and badges in collectors shops or for sale on-line.

      1. Lynne Taylor

        Ruth Wigman was my great-aunt. Her maiden name was Derry and she married George Henry Wigman in 1918 (Mayor of Nottingham 1951-52) and they had 6 children. I have several photographs of them during their time as mayor/mayoress. Their descendants still live in Nottingham and surrounding areas.

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