Things I Think About in the Car (Part 2)

Seventeen – Test Cricket, paint drying, beard growing. Rank them in order of thrill.

Eighteen – would spreading a baseball game over five days improve it?

Nineteen – World Series. USA and Canada. Really?

Twenty – that bus was close.

Twenty One – I hate this junction.

Twenty Two – oh look, the rugby club.

Twenty Three – we had some good times there.

Twenty Four –  I wonder if I will ever have grandchildren?

Twenty Five – I wonder if they will play rugby?

Twenty Six – where does all this traffic come from?

Twenty Seven – why did he just do that?

Twenty Eight – how many people realise D H Lawrence’s parents got married there? You’d have thought they married in Eastwood. How many people have heard of D H Lawrence these days?

Twenty Nine – will there ever be a TV quiz question on Nottingham’s links to the von Richthofen family? I could answer that.

Thirty – I wonder what Kylie Minogue is doing these days.

Thirty One – why did I buy a house so near so many schools?

Thirty two – why do parents park dangerously when dropping kids at school? If you want them run over why not just make them walk and save yourself a job every morning?

Thirty three – I wonder if any of these parents have ever had the school ring them to tell them they just dropped their kid off on a training day?

Thirty four – if I am going to blog my thoughts, should I leave that one out because it makes me look like a bad parent?

Thirty five – nearly there now.

Thirty six – why do women say “What are you planning on doing today?” when they really mean “I have a list of jobs for you.”?

Thirty seven – I wonder if I’ll get away with blogging this garbage? Maybe I should re-write it with deeper thoughts.

Thirty eight – I’ll put “stream of consciousness” in the Tags. That should do it.


17 thoughts on “Things I Think About in the Car (Part 2)

  1. Clare Pooley

    No. 36 – I don’t have ulterior motives when I ask that question; I just like to know if he’ll be at home or out. I never give my husband a list of things to do. We have our own set of jobs which we get on with at our own pace; if we need help we ask. This works very well. We also have separate areas and jobs in the garden. If we shared everything in the garden I think I’d go crazy! His methods are so different from mine.

      1. Clare Pooley

        It’s not a bad way of going about things. The only trouble is when one’s partner hasn’t got on with one of their jobs as quickly as they should. But it works both ways and if we don’t want to be on the receiving end of complaints and nags when we are a little dilatory we have to keep quiet!

  2. Laurie Graves

    I am certainly guilty of # 36, but in my defense, if Clif has planned a busy day, then I back off. 😉


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