Eggs California, well bless my soul!

The title is a rough paraphrase of what I felt on reading the breakfast menu on Harvester this morning.

Eggs California are “Smashed avocado and tomato salsa topped with two poached free-range eggs on a toasted breakfast muffin.”

They cost £6.29, compared with the “Unlimited Cooked” which also costs £6.29.

I’m not sure whether the concept or the price leaves me more speechless. (The “Unlimited Cooked” breakfast is, in theory at least, unlimited continental and unlimited cooked breakfast. And unlimited toast. It seems better value.)

I didn’t have time for the Continental as they were so quick with the service, not that I’m big on fruit, yogurt and cereal anyway. I’m still off bread and potatoes, so I didn’t order the hash browns or chips, and passed on the toast.

That left me with unlimited sausages, bacon, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding and eggs.

I managed to choke a few morsels down, then sneaked in a couple of crumpets with honey. Honey is good for you so it seemed foolhardy to pass it up.

As I sit here in the evening I am just starting to feel peckish again. Time for some soup and salad, I feel.

Before that I’ll merely draw your attention to the social and environmental costs of avocado. I started eating them regularly last year because they are good for me (particularly Hass avocados) and I’m now seriously thinking of stopping eating them.

Talking of eating…

20 thoughts on “Eggs California, well bless my soul!

  1. Lavinia Ross

    We try to eat as much from our own farm here, or farms around the valley. Sad to hear about the downside of avocados; they make great guacamole with homegrown tomatoes.

  2. Laurie Graves

    Always so disappointing when something delicious and nutritious has a high environmental cost. Sigh.

      1. Adnama72Blog

        The type of DNA you have denote whether you are sweet or not in terms what you favour if you like sweet taste then your taste rejects or dislike or are sensitive to sour and or bitter are heightened. If not then you favour the sour and bitter but it may not taste sour or bitter if your taste for sweet food is not a flavour your fond of. They say sweet toothed but it has no relation to your teeth.

      2. quercuscommunity

        Interesting, but slightly overpowering at the same time. There’s a lot more to it than I would have guessed, which shows the benefits of blogging – a whole new subject. Thank you for the link.

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