Julia’s Excellent Day Out

Once Julia gets your email address you are doomed, as the secretary of the Flintham Ploughing Match found to her cost.Β  We do actually know her from our work on the farm (she used to give us apples and horse manure) so a request for freebies wasn’t totally out of the blue. Thanks to her generosity Julia ended up with free tickets for her Thursday group and two tickets for the VIP parking.

It was, by all accounts, an excellent day. The weather, which had been borderline at the beginning of the week, brightened up for Thursday so it was a great day for it even if it was soft underfoot in places. Generally the going was good, though they did have to close the second show ring because of drainage problems.

This is better than a few years ago when they had to cancel due to the weather. This year it is Southwell that has been cancelled. It’s a shame, because a lot of volunteers invest a lot of time in putting these shows on.The problem is that ploughing matches can really only take place at one time of year, and that time of year is prone to being wet.

As you can see from the photographs there was plenty to do and there was a display of old relics. I will say no more…

She brought several pies back – we will be eating them tonight.

20 thoughts on “Julia’s Excellent Day Out

  1. Lavinia Ross

    That sounds like a beautiful day out, Quercus and Julia! We used to see horse team hauling matches here (called ‘horse pulls’) at country fairs, but I have never seen a ploughing match.

  2. beatingthebounds

    I’ve done sheepdog trials, fruit and veg shows, point-to-point, hound trailing, but never a ploughing match. I shall be on the look-out for one locally! Is that not a bit harsh, describing the Men in Sheds as ‘relics’?

  3. Laurie Graves

    Looks like an excellent day indeed. But then again, any day where there is pie is an excellent day. As far as I’m concerned.


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