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It’s been a strange day. I spent most of it sorting through a pile of junk. As a result, I have a neater and better sorted pile of junk. It takes years to make a proper mess, so you aren’t going to set it all to rights in a day.

I’ve found some interesting items, but have also managed to start a bag of things for the charity shop and another couple for the bin.

It’s slow but it’s moving in the right direction.

I will be writing about ebay at greater length soon, but for now I have to say I’m now feeling much better about it. I’ve just had a day when I bought everything I bid on at minimum price. This is a mixed blessing, as all the items were cheap (which is good) but I bought eight items and the bill soon adds up.

We had another casserole for tea after Julia came back from work. This was stewing steak with carrots, parsnips, small onions, garlic and thyme. I also used two stock pots, cumin and black pepper. I then covered it, chucked it in the oven and fell asleep in front of the TV. When I woke up it was ready. What’s not to like with a laid back recipe like that? I could have woken up an hour earlier or an hour later and it would probably have been OK.

I dropped Number 2 son off in Sheffield yesterday and we have the house to ourselves again. This should be relaxing, but it isn’t as Julia is now wittering on about hoping he’ll be alright. I’m sure he will be. He has money, he has stationery and he has access to kitchen, shop and pubs. He’s a student, what more does he need?

One adjustment I will have to make is portion size, I cooked for three tonight.


32 thoughts on “Just a Short Post

  1. mrshelton798

    Loved this. life can be messy and over whelming but it become simpler when you sort out your junk at least into neater piles. My blog writes about sorting out demographic differences and how to handle it well. I loved reading your post!

  2. myfoodhunt

    Hey Simon,
    A while back, a local producer / chef and I had an idea of pimping ourselves out for people who had cooked to much. We thought it would make a good blog / book / series, or basically we thought we could get good home cooked food from the great and the good.

    I would happy to start the process by eating some of your bountiful fare 🙂



  3. tootlepedal

    Cooking for less than you are used is an insoluble problem. The reduced portions just look mean and you always end up adding just a little bit more…and then a bit more….and then eating it all.

  4. higgledypiggledymom

    I have been accused of making too much now that it’s down to 2 of us from 5. We occasionally have the odd return of the next generation for dinner, but that one is easy. Tonight, we eat from the freezer, burgers and/or hot dogs grilled out. I don’t mind leftovers but those often get consumed for brekkie. It’s hard to break habits.

    1. quercuscommunity

      When I left home I cooked for four because those were the quantities I was used to cooking with my Mum. I managed to start cooking for one, then two, then three then four, but dropping back down is more of a problem. We generally eat it next day and or in soup.


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