Poppies in Autumn

First we went to Aldi, because they had been advertising they would have craft supplies in this week. To Julia craft supplies are like cat nip to cats.

Then we went to the garden centre in search of rooting powder. This was hard because, over the years, the gardening supplies have been forced out by the gift shop and are now hidden like a shameful secret.

The salvage yard has always seemed to stock too many duplicates. If I was a cynic I would be tempted to suggest this is because most of the stuff is modern and made in China – not salvaged or reclaimed. I have nothing against the stuff, or any of the other repro gear, because it adds a touch of elegance to the garden, but it should be made clear.

It often crops up on programmes like Bargain Hunt where the experts don’t seem to recognise it and have to wait for the auctioneer to tell them. I suspect that they are really just being nice to the contestants and stall holders by not mentioning it, because when the Chinese make repro they make lots of it and it gets all over the trade.

They once brought a shipment of repro vases in to the Newark Antique Fair – everyone had them and they were around £15 each. Cheerful, decorative and cheap.

We went to Wales that weekend and there was one in a shop window. It had travelled 250 miles, aged by 100 years and increased in price to £75.

When I win the lottery I want one of those big urns.

Back home two orange poppies were unfurling themselves, a Red Admiral flew off as I tried to focus and the spider still lurks.

The shield bug on the fatsia japonica obliged by posing. Shield bugs are very good like that.


16 thoughts on “Poppies in Autumn

  1. Lavinia Ross

    I almost ate one of these bugs once, which might have actually been a stink bug, I don’t remember for sure now. It was hiding on a plump raspberry which I popped into my mouth and immediately spit out. The bug went on its way as if nothing happened.

  2. Helen

    I haven’t seen any shield bugs this year – can’t remember what they were trying to eat last year but they obviously didn’t destroy the garden!

  3. Clare Pooley

    These garden centres are just glorified gift shops and by the end of October anything to do with gardens is chucked out the back because of the C….mas display!!
    Nice photos of the poppy and the shield bug 🙂


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