Down at the Doctor

First – blood test at 11.40. I managed it just in time after doing a few errands round town.

Despite the experience of the last blood test, which made the nurse more nervous than I was, everything went well. I hardly felt the needle go in and next thing I knew we had a tube of blood. I’ve had no phone call this afternoon so I assume I’m within the correct range and will have at least another three weeks before the next test.

That is good.

Then, after a few more errands, some washing up and cooking a pan of carrot and ginger soup, it was time for my 4.30 doctor’s appointment.

It was the follow up to a letter from hospital about my heart scan. No problem, just a tweaking of tablets. Clearly it wasn’t cause for concern as the hospital had waited two months to send the letter.

I assume the delay is calculated to allow the Grim Reaper to balance supply and demand.

I took my list with me.

We did an Epworth Test to examine my propsensity for falling asleep in front of the TV. I was within the normal band and thus it’s another thing to put down to the aging process.

We will be moving on from there and looking at ways of stopping my nightly trips to the toilet. This will be after I have a month of increasing the dosage of heart pills so we’re only changing one thing at a time.

After five years of disturbed sleep another month shouldn’t harm me. The question is whether I am waking up and wanting the toilet, or wanting the toilet and waking up. There is a subtle difference.

The doctor thinks it may be prostate-related.

I’m hoping that something happens in the next few weeks that diverts her attention to a different conclusion.

If Julia, for instance, notes that I am waking myself by snoring we might still be able to blame sleep apnoea for me waking up. That would be a nuisance, but I would be able to keep my trousers on.

I also dispensed with the asthma test advice that was printed on my last prescription – seems it’s not meant for me.

Weight is holding steady. That’s sort of good news. But not good enough. More exercise, less food.

So, two visits and I’m pretty much in the clear, with no new problems for the moment. I am feeling quite relieved.


17 thoughts on “Down at the Doctor

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Sounds like all is on the mend, Quercus. Onward with living!

    I have been waking up at intervals during the night since I was a young person, but am able to go back to sleep.

  2. tootlepedal

    I thought that everybody of a certain age wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the loo. I shall be very annoyed if I find that there are people who sleep all night.

  3. Laurie Graves

    Yes!!! I so well know the relief of going to visit the doctor and finding out that things are going pretty well. Onward, ho!

  4. Array

    I can identify with propsensity (great word) for falling asleep in front of the TV. Bargain Hunt is a favourite, when I do need a prop

  5. Helen

    I did the Epworth Test and it occurred to me that feelings of sleepiness might be a symptom of boredom or depression. I actually only got 7 on the scale, so am not concerned for myself.

    Yes, I can see the difference between waking because you need the loo and waking and then deciding a trip to the bathroom would be in order.

      1. Helen

        Yes, tests can be quite simplistic as in reality there are these other considerations. Self-reporting anything is likely to be a skewed venture.

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