The Bread Group – A Retrospective

The Bread Group was originally set up in 2012 when we did a school holiday project with parents and children. One of the parents asked about us doing similar things in the future and Julia decided to set a group up so local people could get together and learn to bake together.

Gail arrived shortly after and under her leadership the group went from strength to strength, proving to be popular both for social, baking and health reasons. The group was the driving force behind our successful run of Open Farm Sunday events, and also helped make our one and only Winterfest a great success. That proved to be a problem.

The first winter event, organised by the farmer’s sister and with me as a disappointing Β Santa, attracted 11 children and made a loss. The next one, with Julia on crafts and Gail on catering, and with a less grumpy Santa, attracted hundreds of people and made about Β£600. Things looked set for an annual event, with craft fair and profit, but by the time we were ready to plan for the next one the writing was already on the wall.

Cynics might say many things at this point, but this is meant to be a celebration of bread and friendship, and that’s how I’m going to leave it, with a selection of pictures and memories of bread, Christmas curries and the group’s visit to India.

Thanks are due to Gail and all members of the group for cheering the place up on a regular basis and for all their hard work in helping run the centre events over the years.

Sadly, although the kitchen extension is now complete, they have not been invited back and it looks like the group has now passed into history.

The days of wine and roses, they are not long…



21 thoughts on “The Bread Group – A Retrospective

  1. beatingthebounds

    Although I’ve read about the bread group before, I don’t think I ever really thought about the idea properly – what a great concept. It would be brilliant to be part of a group like that I’m sure. How fantastic that it led to a trip to India! Great collection of photos – they really tell a story.

      1. beatingthebounds

        I can imagine. Is there not an alternative venue where you could reassemble, our is it more complicated than that? I must admit I was trying to think where something similar might happen locally and all I’ve come up with is the local YHA, and that only just occurred to me now.

      2. beatingthebounds

        Yes – I see. It would have to be somewhere which both caters and has some kind of community role – a YHA or…a community cafe? I don’t suppose somewhere like a pub would rent out the kitchen at off-peak times because of the hygiene regulations? What a shame.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I am glad you and Julia have photos and good memories of the bread group, Quercus. I am also sad that greed got in the way, and memories are all that is left.

    Have a wonderful time at the 85th birthday party! πŸ™‚


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