Desert Island Blogs

Based on Desert Island Discs – I will be selecting 8 blogs to read on a desert island plus a book and luxury item.

Opening music.

First off, Eclectic is a good word for this blog which can cover a vast range of subjects over a space of days – slavery, bombers in WW2, true crime, Nottingham history, executions, Nottingham High School, football, birds and Nazis all feature. I’ve just spent most of the day catching up with his last few posts and following various avenues of research suggested by the reading. Some of these posts open up a whole new world, make sure you have the time to take it all in.

This is one for when you want to sit down and ponder the ways of the world, to the sound of the lapping waves as you drink from your coconut and sit under an umbrella made from palm fronds. (I’m assuming this is going to be a proper tropical island rather than an island off the west coast of Scotland).

Next, Ramblings by derrickjknight. He looks like an amiable sort when you see his picture, all twinkling eyes and avuncular whiskers, but when the time is right he can be merciless in dealing with things that displease him, which are generally things that displease me too.

As a setter of crosswords he’s quite capable of slipping the odd pun, so you need to keep your wits about you when reading.

With an excellent garden and an endless supply of nutritious meals provided by the admirable Head Gardener he would be the blog to turn to when I wanted to think of home.

Number three, and the final selection for today – Tootlepedal, of Tootlepedal’s Blog. From the Scottish borders he posts a huge selection of bird, bee, butterfly and flower photographs and still finds time to cycle immense distances, sing, cook, eat treacle scones, visit family and take (more) pictures of landscapes, livestock, churches and bridges. I’ve had to miss a few things out as there isn’t room. Yes, he’s that busy.

Something I’ve noticed about his blogs is that it’s nearly always sunny, and his garden seems to be weeks ahead of ours despite being further north. I’m starting to think this is some sort of Blandings Castle effect. Have you ever noticed that it’s always summer at Blandings?

I keep my eyes open bit so far I’ve seen no sign of a pig in the garden.

This would be the motivational reading for the island – you can’t read about Tootlepedal’s day without feeling inspired to do more work.

That’s it for now, there will be three more next time and two more plus the luxury items in the last one. Don’t worry if you haven’t been included so far, there’s time yet…

32 thoughts on “Desert Island Blogs

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  2. Lavinia Ross

    I had to look up Blandings Castle, and discovered there was a TV series based on the books too.

    I am already following Tootlepedal and Derrick J. Knight. I think I discovered you on Tootlepedal’s blog. It is an interesting community!

  3. Laurie Graves

    Thanks to your blog I discovered Tootlepedal, and lo and behold! Clif and I are featured guests on his blog today. Very frowzy we look, too, with our bike helmet heads. Mr. Tootlepedal is a constant source of inspiration. Many thanks for introducing to me to him. (By the by, I came to you via Derreck Knight’s blog. Funny, isn’t it?)

  4. jfwknifton

    Thanks very much for your kind words. I’ve been called many things but never ‘eclectic’ !The only thing I wouldn’t like to be called is ‘boring’ which is why I range so widely.

  5. tootlepedal

    Thanks for the honour of being included in your list. There may have been a pig in the garden once as compost bins C and D are in a concrete structure always referred to as the pig pen. The sunny nature of the blog may be caused by the fact that I don’t take pictures in the rain very often. It certainly hasn’t been very sunny up here this year.

    On a reciprocal note, I am very glad to have discovered your posts as they brighten my day up enormously (especially when you are more than usually grumpy). 🙂


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