The Day gets Better

I’ve just been adding photographs to the post about the attempted break in. As you can see from them, we had a CSI van and beautiful blue skies. I don’t usually go to the garden when people are there but I thought Julia could do with a hand this afternoon. She normally has to travel through town on the bus with two bags of kit as she travels from one job to the next but I thought after the trials of the day she deserved a lift.

I am such a gent. I am also currently unemployed so it seemed the least I could do.

While I was there in the morning I forgot to tell you that Julia had spotted a beautifully marked Green-veined White. I could only get a distant photo with my phone, so I have nothing to show. It’s a common butterfly, but it’s a new one for the garden list and that’s always good.


Willow arch

Yesterday we had a good few hours, with Bill from Men in Sheds bringing his battery powered saw to help cut up pallets. We now have all the bits cut to make three new benches.

He also  brought four nest boxes in kit form so the group can put them together and paint them. Even better, he’s going to do another 20 for us. This will let us upgrade the existing boxes and leave some to sell towards funds.

Despite the break in it’s been a good week, and the fruit is looking good. All we need to do is stop people stealing it.


I would have taken more photos, but the batteries ran out. (These were all taken on Wednesday morning, though the post is written on Thursday.)

We were also given a perfectly usable set of 5-a-side goals the school was throwing out, or fruit cage frame, as we now call it.


The new fruit cage




13 thoughts on “The Day gets Better

  1. Lavinia Ross

    I like the willow arch. I’ve though about doing something like that here, except it needs to be a drought resistant tree.

    Our one young fig tree has developing fruit, about6 of them at last count.

    1. quercuscommunity

      The willow work is nice to have but it does take a lot of watering to establish. One of our neighbours just gave us some beautiful ripe figs. I can’t believe we have figs in England – they always seem so exotic.

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    1. quercuscommunity

      We were surprised too – when the caretaker asked if we could use them we expected them to be on their last legs but they are fine. I actually feel guilty for not passing them on to a football team.


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