Bridlington Harbour

I was looking at some old photos yesterday when I found these from the end of May. Things were a bit hectic then and I hadn’t used them. They are from Bridlington Harbour, where a dredger was working.

I always thought dredging needed a purpose-built dredger, but it seems a digger on a ship is all you need.

It’s an interesting place, with at least one statue and a windmill based on the idea of white horse sculptures on hillsides. Ah, I just checked – it’s a lighthouse. I suppose it makes more sense. They cite the White Horse at Kilburn as an example.

There is a wide variety of boats in the harbour, from traditional cobles to trawlers, and the obligatory gull on the prowl for chips.



11 thoughts on “Bridlington Harbour

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      They are quite aggressive. They knocked an ice cream out of someone’s hand on Wednesday then fought over it. One of them got its top mandible stuck in the cone like wearing a false nose. Very comical but hard to describe. 🙂

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  1. jfwknifton

    The Notts RSPB used to do birdwatching trips out to sea on the Yorkshire Belle. I trust that it is still there. We were always plagued by a gentleman who would come and play his fiddle as we waited to depart. How we loved him!

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