Had a good morning in the garden this morning helping Julia out. The group put up a shade shelter yesterday using the existing posts and a bit of camo netting. They will now be able to eat their lunch without the fear of sunburn or aerial reconnaissance.

A few final touches were required, and that’s where I came in. It’s good to feel useful, even if it was my height rather than my design skills that were needed – as you can see from the photos, it’s a bit of a stretch for one of us.

Julia did some painting and other bits while I took photos and swept the tearoom floor. That’s my place in this marriage.

One of the ongoing jobs is to make the entrance to the garden a bit more colourful and inviting. There was a decrepit barbecue in one of the sheds, with lots of rust and a selection of holes in the bottom. With a bit of vision (think “drainage” holes) and some surplus paint it is now a bright and cheerful herb planter.

The morning was, apart from the company, a bit dull. This was an impression that was further reinforced when I drove past Trent Bridge at 12.15 – they had the lights on for the Test Match. I’d hate to think of the bill for that lot.

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  1. Lavinia Ross

    I like to bit on the camouflage netting and aerial reconnaissance. I’ve already been spied upon by a drone from over the hill here while out working in my garden last year. So far I have not seen it this year. Perhaps they crashed. 🙂

    The planters, veggies and herbs all look good. This is a wonderful time of year with all the good food coming in.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, I’m doing a few hours when there is no group in.Julia supplies the brains and I supply the muscle – there’s no electricity on site so I’m much in demand for sawing.


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