Miracles do happen

Yesterday’s visit to the Bee-eaters was about as much walking as I wanted to do, but there was still half a day to fill and it seemed a shame not to use it. I won’t say too much now, as it will be reported in a later post, but I ended up walking so far that I could barely make it back to the car.

It doesn’t sound much, a total of around 2,000 yards, but compared to recent days when even 20 yards were a challenge, it’s a major achievement.

I was expecting to be crippled this morning. I was certainly aching last night. Starting from the top – my shoulders ached from using the stick so much, my back ached, my right hip ached (it’s on my problem side), my right knee ached (and wouldn’t bend or take my weight) and my feet ached. In some cases “ached” is an understatement, but you know me, I do hate to complain.

After talking to a lady at Bempton Cliffs (we spent a few minutes sitting and talking about bad knees) I have started taking two turmeric capsules a day. Result – almost no pain at all in my arthritic feet and a general reduction in aches and pains.

Turmeric is well known as an anti-inflammatory and in my case seems to work.

In addition, I did have a couple of ibuprofen after finishing the walk yesterday, and a couple of painkillers before going to bed.

This morning, I felt like I could leap out of bed and run round like a youngster once more. I managed to resist, but I could have done if I was a leaping and running sort of person.

I can’t put it all down to the turmeric, but it has certainly helped. Now all I need to do is talk to the doctor and anticoagulant clinic about it. I’m sure they won’t like it.

It’s frustrating that after months of taking things easy the solution was to eat curry powder and walk till it hurt.

No photos with this one – pictures of my feet tend not to attract readers. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Miracles do happen

  1. Clare Pooley

    I am trying to add turmeric to anything and everything just to see what difference it makes. I was given a slice of very yellow cream sponge cake the other week and was told that it contained turmeric – I wouldn’t have know it did by the taste.

  2. Laurie Graves

    So discouraging when we can’t do as much as we like and when we are in pain. Very interesting about the turmeric. Keep us posted. I might follow Tootlepedal’s advice and sprinkle tumeric in my cooking when it makes sense.

  3. arlingwoman

    I know how you like vegetables, or I would share the ones that you can just sprinkle turmeric on when you saute. However, it occurred to me that not being as mobile as you formerly were and being in pain, you may have developed muscle tension. Moving is a big help, but sometimes muscles develop trigger points and you can massage these. It’s amazing how pain in one muscle can refer to another or mimic, say, appendicitis. Have a look at The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. There’s enough on the internet that you can search and figure out whether you think it might be a good thing.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I was actually looking for recipes to use turmeric but when the lady told me about the capsules it seemed easier. The lady in our chip shop recommends taking the powder with milk as a sort of vile milk shake.


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