Working in the garden

Julia needed a willing workhorse this morning. When she couldn’t find one she had to do with a mithering fatman.

The task was sawing pallets up to make garden benches. Julia has a video on how to make a bench from a single pallet. Unfortunately our pallets aren’t the same size as the ones in the video (8 slats instead of 9) so there’s an element of mix and match involved.

There are some excellent benches on show, but we’re aiming for functionality rather than upholstery.

I will take some photographs when we get one together. With no electricity and a blunt hand saw, this might take some time. The fact I’m not allowed to be an official volunteer isn’t actually helping either. It also doesn’t help when you have to evict a family of magpies before starting. We aren’t sure why they like it in the polytunnel but the first job of the day is always to chase four protesting magpies out. Over the years we had a few birds in the polytunnels on the farm, but never anything like this.

Fruit and flowers were looking good, and the rain stopped for a while.


12 thoughts on “Working in the garden

  1. derrickjknight

    I’m so pleased you could do it, Quercus. Looking good indeed. Mithering was my Lancastrian grandmother’s favourite word – as in “quit mithering”.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, my grandmother had several words that stick with me. I see that the NHS in Blackburn has a language course for “foreign ” staff – which includes those from London. 🙂


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