Robin Hood’s Bay

Yes, it’s more photos from the trip to the seaside. Robin Hood’s Bay is nowhere near Sherwood Forest – it’s between Whitby and Scarborough. It has a very interesting history, but to be honest, we tend to park in the viewpoint at the top of the hill.

It was a bit hazy on the day, so I used the “pop-art” setting on the camera to brighten things up. It isn’t very realistic, but it’s cheerful. It’s also as realistic as most of the 60’s postcards I remember from childhood.

There was a good variety of plant life in the grass around the parking area, and it was very easy to access as you had tarmac to walk on.

I’m not sure about the species of  the spider in the featured image, but the beetle is a soldier beetle, bit I won’t push my luck by being more precise as there are 530 European species and many of them look alike.

This, by the way, is my 800th post. I think I must be getting a little blasé about blogging because it’s not as exciting as it used to be when you hit a big round number.  However, I just prodded the dashboard at the top of the screen and found that I can put an accent on the final e of blasé. It’s only taken me 800 posts to find that out, but then I didn’t need it in the first 799. (It’s the Ω sign).

I’m going to write a post about Schrödinger now I can spell his name properly.


22 thoughts on “Robin Hood’s Bay

  1. beatingthebounds

    Looking forward to the the post about Schro…..SchrO…….Schr0…………………that physicist! (How did you do it again?)

    1. quercuscommunity

      Schrödinger? Piece of cake. For special characters in a post you use the Ω icon to access the menu. To use special characters in comments you have to cut and paste. I probably spend too much time on WP…

  2. tootlepedal

    800 posts and only just becoming blasé? If I may speak as one of your readers, your writing remains as fresh as a daisy so I don’t think that blaséness is endemic yet.

  3. Helen

    I’ve recently discovered how to write non-English words on my phone, which has similarly opened up new vistas for me. Has made spell-check even more of a minefield as well!

    Anyway, nice to see RHB in the summer – I have actually only even been at Christmas time.

      1. Lavinia Ross

        It took me a minute to figure out what you were referring to there! oh, those typos and hitting send to fast! But I am glad it worked out… 🙂

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