The Mystery Plants

Can anyone help me identify these plants? They are both growing in the Mencap Garden when I visited on Friday and I can’t place them.

The one in the featured photo is just leaves at the moment and stands about six inches high.

The other, in the three pictures below, looks familiar, but I can’t place it. It is up to eight feet high when supported by the fence, but most of it seems to be lying flat across the bed and path.


Any suggestions are welcome. There’s a lot I don’t know, but in this case I feel I have the readers to dispel my ignorance.

12 thoughts on “The Mystery Plants

  1. Clare Pooley

    The second one is a scabious and is probably lying flat because of the high winds we have had recently. It will need staking and dead-heading and will be fine (loved by bees!). I’m having a think about the first one. Nothing springs to mind at present!

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