Scarborough, Sandwiches and a Broken Phone

This morning (Thursday)  I broke my phone. It slipped from my hand and hit the pavement face first. I’ve dropped it many times before but this time the screen shattered. In itself it’s annoying, but the full importance will be revealed later…

The weather on Wednesday lived up to its forecast so we swung into action with a trip to the coast. It was Julia’s only day off of the week so I thought I’d treat her to a day at the seaside.

We drove further north than usual and visited Wetherby Services for elevenses (breakfast had been toast, which I don’t actually recognise as a meal). We’ve stopped there once before and were impressed by the architecture.

Sadly, having decided to have a bacon baguette from Upper Crust, the architecture remained the only impressive part of the visit. Too late, we remembered that this was the situation after the previous visit. The bacon tasted of fish.

From there we turned towards Teeside, dropped down through the moors and emerged on the coast at the top end of Whitby near the Rugby Club.  A few years ago Nottingham U15s went on tour to Scarborough. Scarborough Rugby Club, with their £10 million facility, didn’t reply to my enquiry about a match.  Despite it being last minute, Whitby stepped in and hosted us.

They made us welcome and lent us several players (including a full Yorkshire player) to augment our squad. By “squad” I mean 11 forwards and a scrum half who had spent the previous day and night on a training diet of seaside rock, chips and Red Bull.

All in all, I always feel a warm glow when driving past the club.

We had crab sandwiches at Mrs Botham’s. They were excellent. The photos are currently stuck on my camera. Attempts to extract them, trying to swipe the shattered screen, did not go well.  At quiet times of the year you can park outside the shop, obtaining a parking disc from the newsagent.  There are some very interesting shops along the street.

Finally, we went to Scarborough.

The vessel in the featured image is the MV Coronia, the second excursion ship of that name to sail from Scarborough. Built as the Brit, she cruised the Norfolk coast from 1935 to 1939 befire being taken up by the Admiralty and renamed HM Tender Watchful. She spent the war in hard but unglamorous work – boom defence on the Humber, resupplying destroyers in Yarmouth Roads and working on PLUTO (Pipeline Under the Ocean).

For a short time in 1940 she was one of the ships that rescued troops from Dunkirk, bringing 900 home. One of the crew at that time spoke of clearing body parts from the deck and having to beach the badly damaged ship on the return to Dover.

The other shots show the castle above the town and a painted bicycle – probably from the recent Tour de Yorkshire.


14 thoughts on “Scarborough, Sandwiches and a Broken Phone

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  3. Lavinia Ross

    Nice photos of your trip to Scarborough, Quercus.

    My phone went through the washing machine some months back. It didn’t work so well, but sure was clean! 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’ve dropped them in washing up water and spilt tea on them – gave them a gentle dry and they were fine. However, when I spilt sugared tea on one it killed it with stickiness. 🙁

  4. Laurie Graves

    Wow, look at that bike! The crab sandwiches sound delicious. Believe it or not, I’ve been to Scarborough when I visited England all those many years ago. So sorry about the phone. Not only annoying but expensive to replace.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I can probably get a free upgrade, so it could work out OK. Fingers crossed.

      If I could only go to one seaside resort I’g go to Scarborough as it has everything you need. Well, maybe a pier would be good…

  5. derrickjknight

    But you still managed to post the pics? I cracked my phone screen last year. Imperceptible, but the phone was kaput. Have I ever mentioned that my son Sam has a rugby international cap playing for The Canary Islands v. Dominican Republic? He said the opposition were all so big that they frightened the life out of his team, but they soon ran out of steam 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity

      It was only the sandwich pictures on the phone, the others were on the camera. I couldn’t even switch the phone off to deactivate the alarm so had to remove the battery.

      Was that Cayman Islands rather than Canary? Seems a more convenient distance?


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