It all went rather well…

I wasn’t really convinced it was going to happen until they called me through for the anaesthetic. At that point I started to regret being there, as I wasn’t really looking forward to having a needle shoved into my spine, followed by a laser being shoved…

Well, I think we all know where.

It turned out to be quite an good time, as the urology team are an entertaining bunch and they let me watch the screen as they pushed the camera up and had a look round the bladder. They couldn’t find them so they extracted the camera and tried a different one.

I didn’t realise that and my face must have expressed dismay as I noticed a small man walking across my bladder (which explained a few of my problems). The surgeon must have noticed this.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “they’re just changing the camera and that’s Tom walking past the lens.”

This was a relief. I  mean, I  liked the Numskulls but there is a limit.

The outcome was that the previous procedure had been done so well, despite the muttering, shoving and blood, that nothing needed doing in the urethera, which looked quite pink and healthy (yes, it was a colour camera. I was impressed.)

And the stones had disappeared. A combination of water and positive thinking seems to have done the job.  By water, I do mean a lot of water. You could have floated an aircraft carrier on the amount of water I’ve drunk in the last two months, but it seems to have worked.

So there I was, just half an hour later, all finished and on my way to a ground floor room.


Yes, a ground floor room.

Could it get any better?

To be continued…




21 thoughts on “It all went rather well…

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  2. arlingwoman

    Glad you got it done this time and all is well. I imagine seeing a small person inside you on screen would be very weird. You probably thought they’d given you something you didn’t know about, huh?

    1. quercuscommunity

      I have wondered about that since. They offered me a sedative for the first op but not this one, so they may just have slipped me one. For an instant I did believe there was a small man in my bladder. 🙂

  3. yanna513

    thanks for following my blog Quercus, all your blog are interesting, anyway I’m a newbee here, your simple advise is highly appreciated…


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