Flower Beds and Disillusionment

I turned on my computer tonight and was not pleased to see a message that it was 51% through downloading a load of improvements. Thirty minutes later it is complete. Guess how happy I am. You never had this nonsense in the old days.

Anyway, here are some photographs of the newly extended kitchen on the farm. Note how they are burning perfectly good timber and how the pizza oven and barbecue area have been demolished. Great use of resources…

Flower beds have been wiped out, the allotment area looks like a desert and the money spent on rabbit-proof fencing has all come to nothing. However, it’s been replaced by elements of design like the “flower bed”, so it’s bound to be popular.

No matter what we say about air miles and local produce a lot of people still want colour coordinated doors and table numbers written on wooden spoons. To be fair, it does look more attractive than the old set up, but it’s been at the expense of evicting our group and emptying the bank account we filled so laboriously.

Is it worth it?

Well, I’m not the best person to ask.




15 thoughts on “Flower Beds and Disillusionment

  1. jfwknifton

    Just a look around the fruit and veg display in any supermarket will show just how lunatic our civilisation has become. Do I really need runner beans to be flown in from Kenya?

  2. Clare Pooley

    It’s never a good idea to return anywhere you have enjoyed living/working. The changes are always depressing if not heart-breaking. We live near a former home of ours and it is virtually unrecognisable now (which makes it slightly easier to cope with as we pretend it isn’t the same house). We had an enormous wisteria at the front of the house and a number of mature flowering shrubs which were all grubbed out as soon as the next people moved in. πŸ™

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, every time I see my dad I drive past the house where he lived with mum for thirty years (I left after 10 of them). The current owner is doing well, but the previous one left it looking quite forlorn.

      We have to visit the farm – Men in Sheds birthdays. πŸ™‚


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