Wingfield Manor

Although Oakerthorpe sounds like something out of Tolkien, I am not continuing yesterday’s theme. It is merely an interestingly-named (with a secret passage) village on the way to South Wingfield, the site of Wingfield Manor. Mary Queen of Scots stayed there during her imprisonment.

Although the manor is only open one Saturday a month it is possible to get a photograph from the road, which I did. I never feel like going round by appointment as I’m never sure I can show the correct degree of enthusiasm. I’m interested in it because of its link to Mary Queen of Scots, not because I’m fascinated by mediaeval masonry.


14 thoughts on “Wingfield Manor

  1. Helen

    It’s one of those days, photos not loading on my phone. However, it would be interesting to see inside. I wonder why Wingfield Manor is only open one Saturday a month!

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It’s very close to the road so I suspect it’s an attempt to control trespassing, or that English Heritage has paid to repair the ruins and the access is part of the agreement.



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