Belfast, Salad and Blogging

We went out to lunch at Harvester today. It’s not fine dining, but the Early Bird menu offers a good plateful for £6.99 and you get unlimited access to the salad bar. Believe it or not, it was the salad we went for. We’ve been a bit light on veg lately and I want my bowels in top condition for Thursday. From Wednesday I’ll be making notes, as nurses seem fascinated by my inner doings and ask some fairly detailed questions about bowels.

I would hate to be detained in hospital due to lack of fibre.

We are calling it a research trip, because we were looking at Julia’s bus route options for her new job.

I’m now going to moan.

There was a young woman in our section who completely destroyed the ambience.

She was loud, so it was difficult to hold our own conversation.

She was dull.

She’s a student.

When her companion occasionally tried an answer she didn’t listen.

She has trouble parking her car during international cricket matches (she must live near Trent Bridge);

She thinks, due to a list of ailments she’s suffered over the year, that her immune system has been compromised by the flat she lives in. Whatever she’s had has not affected her lungs.

She is going to New York to celebrate finishing her finals.

Her mother has already bought four outfits trying to find one that is just right for her daughter’s graduation.

She hasn’t even finished her finals yet, but she’s clearly confident of passing.

When she returned to the room after multiple trips to the salad bar she started talking (or shouting) while she was still yards away from the table.

Worst of all, she had a Belfast accent. (If you aren’t familiar with the Belfast accent, it’s abrasive and always reminds me of a chainsaw).

I was glad when she left.

She’s probably a lovely girl and clearly gets on well with her mother. I hope they have a good time at graduation.

But I never want to be in the same room as her again.

Do people have no sense of volume? Or do they just think we will all be interested in details of their banal life.

Ah, I suppose, when you think of it, I may just have described a blogger…



14 thoughts on “Belfast, Salad and Blogging

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  2. myfoodhunt

    Oh Simon, the tagline of the post promised so much 🙂

    I was looking forward to hearing tales of a quick trip to Belfast

    And I was wondering why you had gone there.

    On the subject of Harvester, did you know that the chain has reinvented the space in trinity Square as ‘Son of Steak’? It is basically a poor mans steak without the salad bar.

    It was quite tasty, but knowing that it was harvester without the chicken and a new shiny coat ruined it

    just like when they turned the garden centre in wilford into a chicken shack with a salad bar, and not just because they didn’t give me a Saturday job way back when

    I digressed, as always.

    ps I had the Fish and Chips at Harvester in Wilford,

    pps Don’t

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Sorry Marcus, I’m not a great traveller. 🙂

      Yes, I’d heard about Harvester in town.

      That rejection was probably just the spur you needed to achieve your current pre-eminent position as Nottingham’s premier Fish and Chip blogger.;-)

      As Julia will now be working down the road I may have to give the Harvester breakfasts an in depth investigation.

      Liked by 1 person


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