Nothing much happened today

It’s 9.30 at night, I’m watching Grantchester and gradually losing the will to live. It’s all getting mired down in the complicated personal lives of the characters, to the extent that it’s more soap than sleuthing. Tonight features a romany camp, which I always associate with Albert Campion, cunning disguises and weak plots from the 1930s.

You would be correct in thinking I’m not a fan. I read some of the books and thought they were OK, even if they weren’t as good as Father Brown. Yes, the Father Brown stories are dated, and the TV stories do deviate from the originals, but they are crime stories with characters, not a soap with a crime in it.

At least, with both kids heading back to Yorkshire by train, it’s now quiet. I’ve never known two people make so much noise without actually saying anything useful. It might be that I’m getting old, or it might be that they are badly brought up. Either way I suppose it’s my fault. It normally is.

I had to laugh at one point yesterday when we were watching TV. Number Two son, following a story about a wayward child, said:”If she was my daughter I’d have banned her from doing that.”

“You might want to think that through.” I said,”When have you ever taken any notice of me?”

I’ll leave you with that thought.

12 thoughts on “Nothing much happened today

  1. Laurie Graves

    I completely agree about the Grantchester series. We didn’t make it past season one. Perhaps the books don’t measure up to Father Brown, but they were enjoyable. If only the television series had stuck more to the books instead of wringing every melodramatic moment they could out of the characters. Most times, the authors really do know best.

    1. quercuscommunity

      We have Freeview, a system which gives you multiple channels of repeats, shopping channels and rubbish with just a couple of watchable programmes at ant one time. I must give up watching.

  2. jfwknifton

    You do your best at bringing up kids, but nobody ever seems to acknowledge that there are some things those kids do completely of their own volition.

  3. arlingwoman

    Yup. I wonder if he thought about that…. Ah well. I watched two seasons of Grantchester and won’t be bothering with the third one. Ugh. All the drama and misery for the sake of dramatic tension. It doesn’t work with me–I just roll my eyes and at a certain point never watch it again.


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