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I went out for a walk today, my first since last week. Well, if you consider 200 yards a walk. I liked it so much that I may do it again before going to bed.

Strange to think that it was only the end of December when we made our plan to get out into nature and do more walking. Now I’m struggling to get out of the house. It just goes to show how life can change in an instant.

Here’s another example of how you’re life can change in an instant. I actually saw him at the hospital on Wednesday. He was crossing the car park in a wheelchair as I hobbled around to the Urgent Treatment Centre. I didn’t actually know who he was until I saw the news on my return from hospital.

So, I’m going to get a grip and start making a note of my walking every day. Β It might only be 200 yards a day, but as long as it’s 201 yards next time it’s progress. To put that in context, it’s enough to get me from the car park to the lake at Rufford. Getting round the lake may take a little longer…

The photos are from previous visits, but I’m hoping to get some new ones soon.



Through the window




12 thoughts on “Back in the Game

  1. tootlepedal

    That lad is an inspiration. I saw the crash live on TV by chance and it was a truly shocking moment.
    I had to do a few yards more each day after my knee operation so I can thoroughly recommend keeping a record, It is definitely motivating.

  2. Helen

    First, poor young man (who lost the lower of both his legs). That is not to say I lack sympathy for you – any state of debilitation is frustrating. Hopefully, you will soon be enjoying the great outdoors again and be pain-free.


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