Sword of Sherwood Forest and Daytime TV

Daytime TV strikes again!

The quiz schedule has recently changed and, in looking for something else came upon Sword of Sherwood Forest. With Richard Greene as Robin, Peter Cushing as the Sheriff and Oliver Reed as one of the villains it’s actually better than many of the Robin Hood films, though the fight scenes let it down badly. ย The Disney version is my favourite, so I’m not sure I’m a reliable reviewer of the Robin Hood canon.

I did write to Russell Crowe’s agents suggesting he might like to promote the film by working with Nottingham Outlaws RL.

The agents didn’t get back to me, a golden opportunity passed and the film received mixed reviews. I’m not saying the things are linked, but it wouldn’t have hurt to send a simple email reply. Also, the sequel never appeared and what has Russell Crowe done since? For the purposes of karma may I suggest you don’t mess with The Outlaws.

Back on quizzes, it used to be The Code, Fifteen to One, The Tipping Point, Pointless and The Chase. Admittedly I often doze off during The Tipping Point, and get annoyed with the way The Chase appears to cheat the contestants at times (as he did yesterday), but it’s not a bad line-up.

Sadly it has been disrupted by replacing The Code with The Boss, an overly complicated format with a presenter who is unable to lift it from the gutter. I’ve not seen such a load of rubbish since I had a junk shop.

It’s probably a good thing to break the habit as daytime TV is not really good for me. On the other hand, I know a lot more trivia than I did three weeks ago.


Sundown in Sherwood

This is a picture from Sherwood Forest, the shooting of Sword of Sherwood Forest actually took place in Ireland!

16 thoughts on “Sword of Sherwood Forest and Daytime TV

  1. beatingthebounds

    That Russell Crowe film…Robin Hood writes Magna Carta, during the D-Day landings, whilst speaking in a curious mixture of every regional accent ever heard in the British Isles. Diabolical. And that’s being kind.

  2. jfwknifton

    If you watch daytime TV, you really need to watch Jeremy Kyle. It always make you feel what a brilliant person you are, how good your life is etc.

  3. GP Cox

    Maybe you’re right about the Outlaws. I went looking for the latest news on Russell Crowe and saw nothing after the mention that he was present at the NRL Grand Final when the Rabbitohs won in 2014!! You tried to help – so it’s not your fault he disappeared!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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