Down at the Doctors

Yes, I was down at the Doctors today.

8.30: Arrived at City Hospital – damp Victorian red brick and escaping steam  being the  motif of the morning

8.45: Found parking space and stood in queue behind lady who couldn’t work the ticket machine

8.50: Walked into automatic door, which turned out to be broken and thus not automatic

8.55: Booked in

8.57: Seen by Anaesthetist, who provided clear and practical information

9.15: Back at the car, feeling reassured, but also £4 poorer for car parking (I’d allowed for up to 2 hours) and wondering why the Anaesthetist I saw five days ago couldn’t have given me the information

9.25: Back home eating healthy cereal (see, I have been listening to the doctor) and  croissants. OK, so I’m leading into this health stuff gradually.


12 thoughts on “Down at the Doctors

  1. Lavinia Ross

    I have found, over here at least, it helps to go in with the agenda planned out ahead of time. If test results can be obtained prior to the visit, the questions can be researched and formulated ahead of time. Sorry you had to go back a second time to get an answer.

  2. clarepooley33

    A bit of a waste of time and money for you then. Why do hospital staff expect us to keep coming back for short appointments when everything could be arranged during slightly longer visits? No-one seems to liaise with other departments. However…..I loved Dr Feelgood!

  3. jfwknifton

    If you want to beat the system, park at Wilkinson Street for nothing and then catch the Medilink bus for nothing. £4 is outrageous to park in a hospital.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I decided it was better to allow for two hours rather than risk a ticket. I’m not used to these quick trips to hospital! One of the neighbours suggested Wilkinson Street too, but I forgot.


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