Hospital,taxis and optimism

What did I do today?

I’m having difficulty working it out, to be honest. I did spend several hours in hospital having tests and filling in forms. I was also weighed, bled and patronised. The good news is that I am lighter than I was when I was weighed before Christmas and I will be able to replace the blood. As for the rest of it, they probably interpret it as me being irascible and curmudgeonly. They aren’t wrong.

The diagnosis is that I’m riddled with poor health, if not actually at Death’s door, and I need lots more pills, tests and treatment. This is strange, as I’m feeling pretty good and doing more exercise, so you’d think I was OK. It’s just that if you give doctors equipment they are going to look for a reason to use it.

Worst bit of the day was the taxi service. Their new automated system locked me out twicwe and I ended up being late, which raised my heart rate and blood pressure despite my best efforts.

On the way back it cost me more than the journey to hospital. I’m not sure why this should be, maybe it costs more going up hill.

The photos are from last year, just to remind us of what is to come. Unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere.




32 thoughts on “Hospital,taxis and optimism

  1. Helen

    Sounds like you have had a most trying time – sorry to hear about all the irritations. As others have said, I hope hospital visits will soon be a thing of the past.

  2. tootlepedal

    Keep being nice to doctors however annoying they are. They are only trying to do their best and don’t know how to behave properly sometimes because no-one has told them how to do it. As you know, it is hard to tell a doctor anything.

    I hope that your plans for looking after your health continue to bear fruit. Meanwhile, keep writing about it as although it may not be fun for you to be in the position you are, you make it good fun for us to read about it. A little curmudgeonly humour always goes down well with me.

      1. Life_As_I_Interpret

        when it comes it pours. sometimes I see doctors very frequently; one test over the other, which draws me crazy. thankfully the results always turn okay and until next time I forget this stress 🙂

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