Easy day today, just 12 kids. I was able to set the tables up in the kitchen so that all the mess fell on the tiled section of the floor, though to be fair they didn’t make a lot of mess. Bearing in mind that this was a mixed-age group and some of them could barely reach the mixing bowls, this was a tribute the their careful working practices.

We made scones using my new recipe, though it’s not actually new, and it isn’t mine. It is actually this tried and trusted recipe with a few alterations.

I’ve taken ย the cheese and seeds out of the Tear and Share Seeded Cheese scone, and I don’t batch it, so there’s no tearing and sharing. I did try it once but it just fell apart – I think you need the cheese for to to stay together. I’ve added a level tablespoon of sugar and 50 g of dried fruit into the mix. I tried it with an extra spoon of baking powder and it seemed to work well so that’s now a fixture.

We also examined the inside of an egg and made Leek and Potato soup in the soup maker. Where the scones went well, the soup provided an antidote to my complacency. It emerged from the soup maker glutinous, granular and tasting of uncooked potato. Despite more boiling, added seasoning and use of a hand blender I was unable to bring it to a satisfactory state. I still handed it out but there was a lot left by the end of lunch. To be fair, there had also been a lot left at the end of lunch on Tuesday, when it was quite a good soup.

I’m going to attempt to learn from experience.

So there we are, a bit of a Kipling sort of day, as in meeting with triumph and disaster, and treating both imposters just the same.


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