Bug boxes in bottles

As song lyrics go, you can see why Rodgers and Hammerstein stuck with ‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens’.  However, if you are looking for a project to help wildlife in the garden bug boxed in bottles is probably a better way to go.

Cardboard, straw, dried grass, old garden canes, plant stems and paper drinking straws from the craft cupboard all came in useful for stuffing the bottles, which are simply pop bottles with the bottoms cut off. If you leave the top on that’s OK; if you don’t, then the bugs have a back door or a drain.

We sourced some of our bits by breaking up the bug hotel in the allotment (it’s due for a re-build) so these even came provided with sitting tenants, with spiders, centipedes, wood lice, miscellaneous skittery things and a snail all putting in an appearance.

We were building them with a pack of Rainbows who are using as part of a badge qualification. Some of them were pleased at the prospect of ready-made tenants, others were not quite so keen.

If they lodge them in sheds and hedges for the winter we should be able to make a contribution to nature, even if it’s a small one.

They are out running round in the rain at the moment. You have to admire the fortitude of the a leaders…

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