Could do better…

Sorry, I seem to have lost focus this week.

I have written several thousand words, but none of them were suitable for a blog. It’s interesting to me to indulge in biographical musings and a polemic about the waste of time and trees involved in the typical grant application, but it’s not so interesting for the people who have to read it. (I’m just having to print out a load stuff for a grant application that could easily just be submitted as links to various internet pages).

Similarly, the new outbreak of hostilities between me and the Farmer’s Sister, whilst giving me a great arena in which to indulge my sarcasm and vitriol, is not a fit subject for publication. Quite apart from the possibilities of a suit for defamation, it’s rude to talk about people behind their backs.

So, in the absence of masterly prose, I will bung in a load of photos.

It’s also bad policy from another point of view;  if I ever describe how to make a bomb from agricultural chemicals it won’t seem so funny as it comes up in court and moves from being “a blog” to becoming “the evidence”.

Even my email box fails to inspire me, with the same old ungrammatical notes purporting to be from banks and credit card companies, and one very persistent accountant, all wanting details and money. Come to think of it the accountant could be for real – as he keeps lecturing us and adding more penalties each time he writes. Ah well, he should write a more convincing letter.

Once in a while I did get an imaginative letter from the widow of an African politician, but they seem to have dried up lately.

Instead of agonising over my lack of output, I’m going to promise to do better next week.

I usually manage to get out of trouble by doing that.

Let’s see if it works this time.

(The title, in case you haven’t guessed, is a quote that appeared in many of my school reports over the years. They probably have to be more upbeat these days but in the 1970s teachers were still allowed to be cynical.)





12 thoughts on “Could do better…

  1. clarepooley33

    I’m really sorry you’ve had a bad week – I regularly have bad weeks and I don’t bother posting much as the post would be rubbish. The photos are very nice – you could post a few lone photos if you run out of (printable) things to say.

  2. arlingwoman

    Beautiful pictures. As far as posting, you DON’T have to post all the time, just fairly regularly. I can imagine some of your visitors are more interesting to write about than others and you could focus on those; some people could also probably learn about the grant process if you broke it down for teaching (and then you could make funny asides). Ah, well, we all have bad weeks. I hope yours is better next.

  3. Helen

    I don’t think you have to post all the time. Good that you’ve had a break from the widows of African politicians, anyway.

    Maybe firewalls, or whatever it takes, are getting better at preventing this kind of email getting into inboxes. I haven’t had as many uninvited cyber missives recently either.


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