Men in Sheds, eating scones

Bob brought some of his store of plum jam and Julia provided the scones. Really we should have made scones but we haven’t been able to get into the kitchen much this week (due to the preparations for the run) so it was off to the shop.

Everyone seemed to enjoy them, anyway and we will be making more jam in a fortnight when he is going to bring us some plums.

Next Tuesday we are going to visit a permaculture project. It’s not that Men in Sheds are particularly interested in permaculture, but the Farmer is interested in using them as free labour to build a permaculture project in the allotments. Presumably that means another year when we can’t plan anything for the allotment.

With any luck it will be something like the one we planned two years ago but weren’t allowed to do.

Planning is not a strong point of this project…

Can you add your own version of a heart-rending sigh here please.

Anyway, I enjoyed the scones and some chicks have hatched so it’s been a good day. In a moment I’m hoping to take Julia away for lunch and have an afternoon off.


14 thoughts on “Men in Sheds, eating scones

  1. arlingwoman

    So much going on! I’m glad the chicks are hatching and looking very fetchingly like cute chicks. Will they join the other chicks outside at some point?

    1. quercuscommunity

      We’re part of a long historical tradition – if we aren’t being exploited we’re being sent off to fight the French. Still, mustn’t grumble, at least we no longer have compulsory longbow practice. 😉


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