Another day, another peacock…

Look what we found this morning.

As Julia was going to check the poultry before our visitors arrived she called me across to see a group of guinea fowl and a peacock browsing the flower beds around the bird feeders.

I’m not well up on peacocks, but I’m hoping this one is a young one, hence the lack of tail. If that isn’t the case then we have a faulty peacock, or the survivor of an accident. Nothing would surprise me round here!

The first time I ever came across peacocks I was working on a poultry farm in the village of Babraham. A group of them were walking down the road, and knowing that they came from the pub, I went to tell the landlord that his peacocks had escaped.

Wearily, he looked over the top of his spectacles at me as he polished a pint glass.

“You’ve never had peacocks have you?” he said.

They are, it seems, very much like guinea fowl in that they are noisy and wander wherever the fancy takes them. Unlike guinea fowl, according to what I have read, they don’t taste good. However, having just obtained a copy of Tudor Monastery FarmΒ I’m wondering if it may make the centre piece of a period banquet. It doesn’t have to be nice, merely look impressive.

6 thoughts on “Another day, another peacock…

  1. tarnegolita

    Wow, nice visitor! Peacocks shed their tail at the end of the summer. But seeing as it’s still summer, this probably is a young male! You should get a hen for him! πŸ˜€

  2. Helen

    Don’t do it!

    I hope the peacock hangs around, though. Sounds like your farm is a great place for wildlife…. Even if there a few mishaps now and again.


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